Application for Membership
Grand Chapter of Alaska

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Application for Membership


Last Name: _________________________ First: ______________________ M.I.______

Date of Birth: __________________ Drivers Lic#:____________________________

Address: ___________________________________ City: _____________________

State: ______ Zip: ___________

Home phone: (      ) ______________       Cell Phone: (      ) _____________

E-mail address: _____________________________


I am applying for: Full Membership [   ]    Provisional Membership [   ]    Associate Membership [   ]

Are you currently a Mason in good standing of a Blue Lodge recognized by the Grand Lodge of your state? Yes [   ]   No [   ]  If yes, what degree:     Master Mason [   ]     Fellowcraft [   ]     Entered Apprentice [   ]

Lodge Name: __________________________________ No: ____   City/State: _______________________

If you are not a Mason, do you intend to petition for membership?  Yes [   ]  No [   ]

Motorcycle:  Year: _____ Make:____________________ Model:_________ Engine Displacement:_________


I promise and swear that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge. I further swear that I am currently a Master Mason in good standing in a regularly constituted Lodge of Freemasons recognized by the Grand Lodge of Alaska, or I intend to consider petitioning a Lodge for membership. Furthermore, I am applying for membership in the Widows Sons of my own free will and accord.


I understand and fully accept that my membership may be suspended at any time should the information I have submitted prove to be untruthful or should I violate any of the Bylaws of my Chapter. The decision of the President of the Chapter shall be binding. I further attest that I have read and fully understand the disclaimer at the bottom of this application.


Applicant Signature:__________________________________ ___________________ Date: ____________

Recommended by:_______________ _________________________

Lodge membership verified by: ____________________________



The Widows Sons are an independent group of Internationally based Master Masons who ride motorcycles and have organized to perform the laudable undertaking of aiding and assisting the Widows of Master Masons, to support our Blue Lodges, to promote Freemasonry in the world of motorcycling, to promote motorcycling in the world of Freemasonry, and to support the charities of the Widows Sons International Motorcycle Association. All views and opinions of the Widows Sons International Motorcycle Association are solely those of the Widows Sons. The Widows Sons do not speak for, nor intend to act as representatives of any Grand Lodges, Symbolic Lodges, affiliate bodies of Freemasonry, or Freemasonry in general.

Widows Sons Alaska Grand Chapter
PO Box 32558
Juneau, AK  99803